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Local Government Directory - Local Councils

The Local Government Directory is compiled by The Division of Local Government from information provided by councils and other local government organisations.

The Directory contains information about Local Councils, County Councils, Regional Organisations of Councils and other organisations working within the Local Government sector.

Information on councils includes contact details such as: street and postal addresses; telephone and facsimile numbers; and email and Internet addresses.

Information on elected members of councils and senior staff is also available for each council.

Other information about the local government areas is provided, such as area in square kilometres and population.

Last Updated: Thursday 14 August 2014

To find your council select the council from the council name index below.

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  • Albury City Council
  • Armidale Dumaresq Council
  • Ashfield Council
  • Auburn City Council
  • Ballina Shire Council
  • Balranald Shire Council
  • Bankstown City Council
  • Bathurst Regional Council
  • Bega Valley Shire Council
  • Bellingen Shire Council
  • Berrigan Shire Council
  • Blacktown City Council
  • Bland Shire Council
  • Blayney Shire Council
  • Blue Mountains City Council
  • Bogan Shire Council
  • Bombala Council
  • Boorowa Council
  • The Council of the City of Botany Bay
  • Bourke Shire Council
  • Brewarrina Shire Council
  • Broken Hill City Council
  • Burwood Council
  • Byron Shire Council

  •  Last Updated 14 August 2014

    Albury City Council

    PO Box 323, , ALBURY NSW 2640

    553 Kiewa Street, , Albury NSW 2640

    Phone: 02 6023 8111 Fax: 02 6023 8190



    Area (sq Km): 306 Population: 51112 Wards: 0

    Meetings: Monday 06:00PM Monthly

    ABN: 92 965 474 349


    Mayor: Clr Kevin Mack

    Deputy: Clr Henk van de Ven

    Clr Daryl Betteridge, Clr Darren Cameron, Clr Graham Docksey, Clr Alice Glachan, Clr Patricia Gould, Clr Ross Jackson, Clr David Thurley


    General Manager: Mr Frank Zaknich

    Acting Director, Corporate Services: Mr Murray Watson

    Director, Community and Recreation: Mr James Jenkins

    Director, Economic Development and Tourism: Ms Tracey Squire

    Director, Engineering: Mr Bradley Ferris

    Director, Planning and Environment: Mr Michael Keys

    Public Officer: Mr Murray Watson

    Auditors: KPMG (Albury)

    Armidale Dumaresq Council

    PO Box 75A, ARMIDALE NSW 2350

    135 Rusden Street, Armidale NSW 2350

    Phone: 02 6770 3600 Fax: 02 6772 9275



    Area (sq Km): 4235 Population: 25855 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 4th Monday of Month

    ABN: 63 781 014 253


    Mayor: Clr Laurie Bishop

    Deputy: Clr Jenny Bailey

    Clr Herman Beyersdorf, Clr Colin Gadd, Clr Christopher Halligan, Clr Jim Maher, Clr Andrew Murat, Clr Margaret O'Connor, Clr Peter O'Donohue, Clr Rob Richardson


    General Manager: Mr Glenn Inglis

    Acting General Manager: Mr Glenn Inglis

    Director, Planning and Living: Mr Steve Gow

    Director, Public Infrastructure: Mr David Steller

    Manager, People and Performance: Ms Carol Logan

    Public Officer: Ms Nathalie Heaton

    Auditors: Forsyths (Armidale)

    Ashfield Council

    PO Box 1145, ASHFIELD NSW 1800

    260 Liverpool Road, Ashfield NSW 2131

    Phone: 02 9716 1800 Fax: 02 9716 1911 DX: 21221 Ashfield



    Area (sq Km): 8 Population: 42787 Wards: 4

    Meetings: 2nd & 4th Tues of Month 6:30PM

    ABN: 11 211 068 961


    Mayor: Clr Lucille McKenna

    Deputy: Clr Caroline Stott

    Clr Edward Cassidy PSM, Clr Mark Drury, Clr Alex Lofts, Clr Morris A Mansour, Clr Julie H Passas, Clr Vittoria Raciti, Clr Adriano Raiola, Clr Max Raiola, Clr Jeanette M Wang, Clr Monica Wangmann


    General Manager: Ms Vanessa Chan

    Acting Director Works & Infrastructure Services: Mr Tony Giunta

    Director, Corporate and Community Services: Ms Nellette Kettle

    Director, Planning and Environment: Mr Phil Sarin

    Public Officer: Ms Nellette Kettle

    Auditors: Hill Rogers Spencer Steer

    Auburn City Council

    PO Box 118, , AUBURN NSW 1835

    Civic Place, 1 Susan Street, Auburn NSW 2144

    Phone: 02 9735 1222 Fax: 02 9643 1120



    Area (sq Km): 33 Population: 78597 Wards: 2

    Meetings: 1st & 3rd Wed of Month 6:30PM

    ABN: 63 914 691 587


    Mayor: Clr Hicham Zraika

    Deputy: Clr Salim Mehajer

    Clr Ned Attie, Clr Semra Batik, Clr George Campbell, Clr Le Lam, Clr Tony Oldfield, Clr Ronney Oueik, Clr Irene Simms, Clr Steve Yang


    General Manager: Mr Mark Brisby

    Acting Director Business & Finance: Mr Barry Cockayne

    Deputy General Manager - Direct: Mr Hamish McNulty

    Deputy General Manager - Indirect: Mr Ian Dencker

    Director, Works and Services: Mr Paul Donovan

    Public Officer: Mr Barry Cockayne

    Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers (Sydney)

    Ballina Shire Council

    PO Box 450, BALLINA NSW 2478

    Cnr Tamar And Cherry Streets, Ballina NSW 2478

    Phone: 02 6686 4444 Fax: 02 6686 7035 DX: 27789 Ballina



    Area (sq Km): 485 Population: 42708 Wards: 3

    Meetings: 4th Thursday 09:00AM

    ABN: 53 929 887 369


    Mayor: Clr David Wright (popularly elected)

    Deputy: Clr Ben Smith

    Clr Sharon Cadwallader, Clr Robyn Hordern, Clr Jeff Johnson, Clr Keith H Johnson, Clr Ken Johnston, Clr Sue Meehan, Clr Keith Williams, Clr Paul Worth


    General Manager: Mr Paul Hickey

    Civil Services, Group Manager: Mr John Truman

    Regulatory Services, Group Manager: Mr Roderick Willis

    Strategic Landuse Planning, Executive Planner: Mr Steve Barnier

    Public Officer: Mr Paul Hickey

    Auditors: Thomas Noble & Russell

    Balranald Shire Council

    PO Box 120, BALRANALD NSW 2715

    70 Market Street, Balranald NSW 2715

    Phone: 03 5020 1300 Fax: 03 5020 1620



    Area (sq Km): 21700 Population: 2476 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 3rd Tuesday 6:00PM

    ABN: 74 678 751 581


    Mayor: Clr Stephen O'Halloran

    Deputy: Clr Leigh Byron

    Clr Ken Barnes, Clr Elaine Campbell, Clr Lynda Cooke, Clr Trevor Jolliffe, Clr Jeff Mannix, Clr Alan Purtill


    General Manager: Mr Aaron Drenovski

    Director, Economic & Community Development: Position Vacant

    Director, Infrastructure & Development: Mr John Stevenson

    Health & Development Officer: Ms Cherie Murphy

    Public Officer: Position Vacant

    Auditors: Millington SBS

    Bankstown City Council

    PO Box 8, BANKSTOWN NSW 1885

    Customer Service, Upper Ground Floor, , Civic Tower, 66-72 Rickard Road, Bankstown NSW 2200

    Phone: 02 9707 9999 Fax: 02 9707 9495 DX: 11220 Bankstown



    Area (sq Km): 77 Population: 188814 Wards: 4

    Meetings: 2nd and 4th Tuesday 06:00 PM

    ABN: 38 380 045 375


    Mayor: Clr Khal Asfour

    Deputy: Clr Scott Parker

    Clr Jim Daniel, Clr Linda Downey, Clr Jenny Golledge, Clr Alex Kuskoff, Clr Naji Najjar, Clr Dan Nguyen, Clr Ian Stromborg, Clr Magdy (Michael) Tadros, Clr Glen Waud, Clr Allan Winterbottom


    General Manager: Mr Matthew Stewart

    Director of City Assets and Infrastructure: Position Vacant

    Director of City Planning and Environment: Mr Scott Pedder

    Director of City Services: Mr Graeme Beattie

    Director of Corporate and Financial Services: Mr Ken Manoski

    Public Officer: Mr Philip Rolfe

    Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers (Sydney)

    Bathurst Regional Council

    Private Mail Bag 17, BATHURST NSW 2795

    158 Russell Street, Bathurst NSW 2795

    Phone: 02 6333 6111 Fax: 02 6331 7211



    Area (sq Km): 3818 Population: 39915 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 3rd Wednesday 06:00PM

    ABN: 42 173 522 302


    Mayor: Clr Gary Rush

    Deputy: Clr Ian North

    Clr Warren Aubin, Clr Bobby Bourke, Clr Michael Coote, Clr Graeme Hanger, Clr Jess Jennings, Clr Monica Morse, Clr Greg Westman


    General Manager: Mr David Sherley

    Director Corporate Services and Finance: Mr Bob Roach

    Director Cultural and Community Services: Ms Annabell Miller

    Director Engineering Services: Mr Doug Patterson

    Director Environment, Planning and Building Services: Mr David Shaw

    Public Officer: Mr Bob Roach

    Auditors: Alan Morse & Co

    Bega Valley Shire Council

    PO Box 492, , BEGA NSW 2550

    Zingel Place, , Bega NSW 2550

    Phone: 02 6499 2222 Fax: 02 6499 2200 DX: 4904 Bega



    Area (sq Km): 6277 Population: 33925 Wards: 0

    Meetings: Every 3rd Wednesday 2:00PM

    ABN: 26 987 935 332


    Mayor: Clr Bill Taylor

    Deputy: Clr Russell Fitzpatrick

    Clr Tony Allen, Clr Mike Britten, Clr Keith Hughes, Clr Ann Mawhinney, Clr Kristy McBain, Clr Liz Seckold, Clr Sharon Tapscott


    General Manager: Ms Leanne Barnes

    Acting Group Manager, Community Relations and Leisure: Mr Simon Schweitzer

    Executive Manager, Governance and Organisational Development: Ms Nina Churchward

    Group Manager, Planning and Environment: Mr Andrew Woodley

    Group Manager, Strategy and Business Services: Mr Lucas Scarpin

    Group Manager, Transport and Utilities: Mr Wayne Sartori

    Public Officer: Ms Nina Churchward

    Auditors: RSM Bird Cameron Partners

    Bellingen Shire Council

    PO Box 117, BELLINGEN NSW 2454

    Hyde Street, Bellingen NSW 2454

    Phone: 02 6655 7300 Fax: 02 6655 2310



    Area (sq Km): 1602 Population: 13450 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 1st Tuesday 09:00AM

    ABN: 26 066 993 265


    Mayor: Clr Mark A Troy (popularly elected)

    Deputy: Clr Gordon Manning

    Clr Garry Carter, Clr Desmae Harrison, Clr Dominic King, Clr Steve Klipin, Clr Dave Scott


    General Manager: Ms Elizabeth Jeremy

    Deputy General Manager Corporate and Community: Ms Michelle McFadyen

    Deputy General Manager Operations: Mr Stephen Taylor

    Public Officer: Ms Michelle McFadyen

    Auditors: Forsyths (Armidale)

    Berrigan Shire Council

    PO Box 137, BERRIGAN NSW 2712

    56 Chanter Street, Berrigan NSW 2712

    Phone: 03 5888 5100 Fax: 03 5885 2092



    Area (sq Km): 2066 Population: 8644 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 3rd Wednesday 9:30AM

    ABN: 53 900 833 102


    Mayor: Clr Bernard Curtin

    Deputy: Clr Brian Hill

    Clr John Bruce, Clr Denis Glanville, Clr Matthew Hannan, Clr Colin Jones, Clr Daryll Morris, Clr Andrea O'Neill


    General Manager: Mr Rowan Perkins

    Director, Corporate Services: Mr Matthew Hansen

    Director, Technical Services: Mr Fred Exton

    Public Officer: Mr Matthew Hansen

    Auditors: KPMG (Albury)

    Blacktown City Council

    PO Box 63, BLACKTOWN NSW 2148

    62 Flushcombe Road, Blacktown NSW 2148

    Phone: 02 9839 6000 Fax: 02 9831 1961 DX: 8117 Blacktown



    Area (sq Km): 240 Population: 307816 Wards: 5

    Meetings: Every 3rd Wednesday 07:00PM

    ABN: 18 153 831 768


    Mayor: Clr Len Robinson

    Deputy: Clr Russell Dickens

    Clr Edmond Atalla, Clr Stephen Bali, Clr Susai Benjamin, Clr Anthony Bleasdale, Clr Jess Diaz, Clr Jacqueline Donaldson, Clr Mark Holmes, Clr Leo Kelly OAM, Clr Charlie Lowles, Clr Alan Pendleton, Clr Karlo Siljeg, Clr Walter Smith, Clr Isabelle White


    General Manager: Mr Kerry Robinson

    Acting Director, City Assets: Mr Rudi Svarc

    Acting Director, City Assets: Mr Joe Buttita

    Director, City Strategy and Development: Ms Glennys James

    Director, Finance and Corporate Strategy: Mr Wayne Rogers

    Director, Sustainable Living: Mr Peter Smith

    Public Officer: Mr Wayne Rogers

    Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers (Sydney)

    Bland Shire Council

    PO Box 21, WEST WYALONG NSW 2671

    Shire St, West Wyalong NSW 2671

    Phone: 02 6972 2266 Fax: 02 6972 2145



    Area (sq Km): 8560 Population: 6410 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 3rd Tuesday 06:30PM

    ABN: 13 251 814 087


    Mayor: Clr Neil Pokoney

    Deputy: Clr Liz McGlynn

    Clr Peter Grellman, Clr Leeanne Hampton, Clr Kerry Keatley, Clr Tony Lord, Clr Brian Monaghan, Clr Lincoln Pike, Clr Peter Templeton


    General Manager: Mr Ray Smith

    Director, Community and Development Services: Ms Adele Casey

    Director, Corporate Services: Ms Elizabeth White

    Director, Engineering Services: Mr Merv Penny

    Director, Nursing: Ms Dianne Dundas

    Public Officer: Ms Elizabeth White

    Auditors: Morse Group (Dubbo)

    Blayney Shire Council

    PO Box 62, , BLAYNEY NSW 2799

    91 Adelaide Street, , Blayney NSW 2799

    Phone: 02 6368 2104 Fax: 02 6368 3290



    Area (sq Km): 1526 Population: 7259 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 2nd Monday 06:00PM

    ABN: 47 619 651 511


    Mayor: Clr Scott J Ferguson

    Deputy: Clr Allan Ewin

    Clr Geoff P Braddon OAM, Clr David Kingham, Clr Shane Oates, Clr Kevin Radburn, Clr David Somervaille


    General Manager: Mr Alan McCormack

    Acting General Manager: Mr Alan McCormack

    Director, Corporate Services: Mr Anton Franze

    Director, Infrastructure Services: Mr Grant Baker

    Director, Planning and Environmental Services: Mr Mark Dicker

    Public Officer: Mr Anton Franze

    Auditors: Intentus Chartered Accountants

    Blue Mountains City Council

    Locked Bag 1005, , KATOOMBA NSW 2780

    2 Civic Place, , Katoomba NSW 2780

    Phone: 02 4780 5000 Fax: 02 4780 5555



    Area (sq Km): 1432 Population: 77943 Wards: 4

    Meetings: Held on a four weekly cycle.

    ABN: 52 699 520 223


    Mayor: Clr Mark Greenhill

    Deputy: Clr Brendan Luchetti

    Clr Michael Begg, Clr Brendan Christie, Clr Mick Fell, Clr Romola Hollywood, Clr Don McGregor, Clr Daniel Myles, Clr Robert Stock, Clr Chris Van Der Kley, Clr Anton von Schulenburg, Clr Geordie Williamson


    General Manager: Mr Robert Greenwood

    Acting Executive Director: Mrs Jasmine Cooper

    Director, City Services: Mr Damien Drew

    Director, Community & City Outcomes: Mr Steve Corbett

    Director, Development Health & Customer Services: Ms Lee Morgan

    Director, Group Manager People & Systems: Mr Stuart Liddell

    Director, Integrated Planning & Finance: Ms Rosemary Dillon

    Public Officer: Mrs Jasmine Cooper

    Auditors: Morse Group (Oberon)

    Bogan Shire Council

    PO Box 221, NYNGAN NSW 2825

    81 Cobar Street, Nyngan NSW 2825

    Phone: 02 6835 9000 Fax: 02 6835 9011



    Area (sq Km): 14612 Population: 3003 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 4th Thursday 9:30AM

    ABN: 68 886 242 083


    Mayor: Clr Ray Donald

    Deputy: Clr Jim Hampstead OAM

    Clr Greg Deacon, Clr Jodi Douglas, Clr Danny Dutton, Clr Hazel Griffiths, Clr Elaine McLaughlin, Clr Glen Neill, Clr Kevin Ryan


    General Manager: Mr Derek Francis

    Manager, Corporate Services: Ms Theresa Haley

    Manager, Corporate Services: Mr Luke Taberner

    Manager, Development and Environmental Services: Mr Timothy Riley

    Manager, Engineering Services: Mr Graeme Bourke

    Public Officer: Mr Luke Taberner

    Auditors: Spencer Steer & Associates

    Bombala Council

    PO Box 105, BOMBALA NSW 2632

    71 Caveat Street, Bombala NSW 2632

    Phone: 02 6458 3555 Fax: 02 6458 3777



    Area (sq Km): 3945 Population: 2617 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 3rd Wednesday 6:30PM

    ABN: 21 570 922 668


    Mayor: Clr Robert Stewart

    Deputy: Clr Brad Yelds

    Clr Bill Bateman, Clr Steve Goodyer, Clr Diane Hampshire, Clr Suzanne Haslingden, Clr Joe Ingram


    General Manager: Ms Ngaire McCrindle

    Corporate Services Manager: Mrs Robin Guthrie

    Director Engineering & Planning: Position Vacant

    Director, Regulatory & Community Services: Mr Grantley Ingram

    Economic Development Officer: Mrs Karen Cash

    Finance Manager: Ms Karen Guthrie

    Public Officer: Mrs Robin Guthrie

    Auditors: Auswild & Co

    Boorowa Council

    PO Box 96, BOOROWA NSW 2586

    Market Street, Boorowa NSW 2586

    Phone: 02 6385 3303 Fax: 02 6385 3562



    Area (sq Km): 2579 Population: 2478 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 3rd Tuesday 04:00PM

    ABN: 61 425 572 150


    Mayor: Clr Wendy Tuckerman

    Deputy: Clr Christopher Corcoran

    Clr Gus Clements, Clr David Evans, Clr Robert Gledhill, Clr Tim McGrath, Clr Jack Ryan, Clr Andrew Southwell, Clr Peter Sykes


    General Manager: Mr Anthony McMahon

    Acting General Manager: Mr Anthony McMahon

    Director, Works, Technical Services & Planning: Mr Colin Owers

    Public Officer: Mr Anthony McMahon

    Auditors: Auswild & Co

    The Council of the City of Botany Bay

    PO Box 331, MASCOT NSW 1460

    141-143 Coward Street, Mascot NSW 2020

    Phone: 02 9366 3666 Fax: 02 9366 3777 DX: 4108 Maroubra Junction



    Area (sq Km): 22 Population: 40463 Wards: 6

    Meetings: 3rd Wednesday 07:00PM

    ABN: 68 646 457 075


    Mayor: Clr Ben Keneally (popularly elected)

    Deputy: Clr George Glinatsis

    Clr Mark Castle, Clr Christina Curry, Clr Stan Kondilios, Clr Greg Mitchell, Clr Brian Troy


    General Manager: Ms Lara Kirchner

    Deputy General Manager: Ms Lorraine Cullinane

    Director Assets and Environment: Mr Steve Poulton

    Director Planning and Development: Mr Rodger Dowsett

    Public Officer: Ms Lorraine Cullinane

    Auditors: Hill Rogers Spencer Steer

    Bourke Shire Council

    PO Box 21, BOURKE NSW 2840

    29 Mitchell Street, Bourke NSW 2840

    Phone: 02 6830 8000 Fax: 02 6872 3030



    Area (sq Km): 41652 Population: 3079 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 4th Monday 9:00AM

    ABN: 96 716 194 950


    Mayor: Clr Andrew Lewis

    Deputy: Clr Barry Hollman

    Clr Victor Bartley, Clr Jack Bennett, Clr Sarah Brown, Clr Sally Davis, Clr Cecil Dorrington, Clr Lachlan Ford, Clr Stuart Johnson, Clr Bob Stutsel


    General Manager: Mr Ross Earl

    Manager of Corporate Services: Mrs Leonie Brown

    Public Officer: Mrs Leonie Brown

    Auditors: Spencer Steer & Associates

    Brewarrina Shire Council

    PO Box 125, BREWARRINA NSW 2839

    57 Bathurst Street, Brewarrina NSW 2839

    Phone: 02 6830 5100 Fax: 02 6839 2100



    Area (sq Km): 19188 Population: 1910 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 4th Friday 10:00AM

    ABN: 22 664 205 362


    Mayor: Clr Matthew Slack-Smith

    Deputy: Clr Robert Wason

    Clr Mark Brown, Clr Moses Hertslet, Clr Bill Loughnan, Clr Ocker O'Connor, Clr Angelo G Pippos, Clr Wulf Reichler, Clr Tommy Stanton


    General Manager: Mr Daniel Simmons

    Director Corporate & Community Services: Ms Lynn Moore

    Economic Development Officer: Ms Belinda Colless

    Manager Tourism: Mrs Fran Carter

    Manager, Finance: Mrs Linda J Hutchinson

    Transport Manager: Ms Siew Neale

    Utilities Manager: Mr David Kirby

    Public Officer: Ms Lynn Moore

    Auditors: Spencer Steer & Associates

    Broken Hill City Council

    PO Box 448, BROKEN HILL NSW 2880

    Administrative Centre, 240 Blende Street, Broken Hill NSW 2880

    Phone: 08 8080 3300 Fax: 08 8080 3424



    Area (sq Km): 170 Population: 19818 Wards: 0

    Meetings: Last Wed. of month 6:30 PM

    ABN: 84 873 116 132


    Mayor: Clr Wincen Cuy (popularly elected)


    Clr Christine Adams, Clr Robert Algate, Clr Peter Black OAM BSc, Clr Marion Browne, Clr David Gallagher, Clr Branko Licul, Clr Jim Nolan, Clr Jim Richards, Clr Darriea Turley


    General Manager: Ms Therese Manns

    Group Manager, Business Improvement & Corporate Services: Ms Kate O'Neill

    Group Manager, Infrastructure: Mr Paul De Lisio

    Group Manager, Sustainability: Mr Peter Oldsen

    Human Resource Manager: Ms Bonnie Fitzpatrick

    Manager, Community Development: Ms Andrea Roberts

    Manager, Community Services: Ms Judy Parr

    Public Officer: Ms Kate O'Neill

    Auditors: Dean Newbery & Partners

    Burwood Council

    PO Box 240, BURWOOD NSW 1805

    Suite 1, Level 2, 1-17 Elsie Street, Burwood NSW 2134

    Phone: 02 9911 9911 Fax: 02 9911 9900



    Area (sq Km): 7 Population: 33803 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 4th Tuesday 6:00PM

    ABN: 84 362 114 428


    Mayor: Clr John Faker (popularly elected)

    Deputy: Clr Tony Doueihi

    Clr Sally Deans, Clr Lesley Furneaux-Cook, Clr George Mannah, Clr Justin Taunton, Clr Ernest Wong


    General Manager: Mr Michael G McMahon

    Deputy General Manager: Corporate, Governance & Community: Mr Ian McCallum

    Deputy General Manager: Land Infrastructure & Environment: Mr Bruce Macdonnell

    Public Officer: Mr Ian McCallum

    Auditors: Hill Rogers Spencer Steer

    Byron Shire Council

    PO Box 219, MULLUMBIMBY NSW 2482

    70 - 90 Station Street, Mullumbimby NSW 2482

    Phone: 02 6626 7000 Fax: 02 6684 3018 DX: 20007 Mullumbimby



    Area (sq Km): 567 Population: 32378 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 2nd & 4th Thursday 10:30AM

    ABN: 14 472 131 473


    Mayor: Clr Simon Richardson (popularly elected)

    Deputy: Clr Basil Cameron

    Clr Chris Cubis, Clr Duncan Dey, Clr Alan Hunter, Clr Sol Ibrahim, Clr Paul Spooner, Clr Rose Wanchap, Clr Diane Woods


    General Manager: Mr Ken Gainger

    Acting Executive Manager, Society and Culture: Mr Greg Ironfield

    Executive Manager, Community Infrastructure: Mr Phillip Holloway

    Executive Manager, Corporate Management: Mr Mark Arnold

    Executive Manager, Environment and Planning: Mr Ray Darney

    Executive Manager, Water and Recycling: Mr Phil Warner

    Manager, Community Planning and Natural Resources: Ms Sharyn French

    Manager, Financial Services: Mr James Brickley

    Public Officer: Mr Mark Arnold

    Auditors: Thomas Noble & Russell

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