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Local Government Directory - Local Councils

The Local Government Directory is compiled by The Division of Local Government from information provided by councils and other local government organisations.

The Directory contains information about Local Councils, County Councils, Regional Organisations of Councils and other organisations working within the Local Government sector.

Information on councils includes contact details such as: street and postal addresses; telephone and facsimile numbers; and email and Internet addresses.

Information on elected members of councils and senior staff is also available for each council.

Other information about the local government areas is provided, such as area in square kilometres and population.

Last Updated: Thursday 14 August 2014

To find your council select the council from the council name index below.

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  • Tamworth Regional Council
  • Temora Shire Council
  • Tenterfield Shire Council
  • Tumbarumba Shire Council
  • Tumut Shire Council
  • Tweed Shire Council
  • Upper Hunter Shire Council
  • Upper Lachlan Shire Council
  • Uralla Shire Council
  • Urana Shire Council
  • Wagga Wagga City Council
  • The Council of the Shire of Wakool
  • Walcha Council
  • Walgett Shire Council
  • Warren Shire Council
  • Warringah Council
  • Warrumbungle Shire Council
  • Waverley Council
  • Weddin Shire Council
  • Wellington Council
  • Wentworth Shire Council
  • Willoughby City Council
  • Wingecarribee Shire Council
  • Wollondilly Shire Council
  • Wollongong City Council
  • Woollahra Municipal Council
  • Wyong Shire Council
  • Yass Valley Council
  • Young Shire Council

  •  Last Updated 14 August 2014

    Tamworth Regional Council

    PO Box 555, TAMWORTH NSW 2340

    Ray Walsh House, 437 Peel Street, Tamworth NSW 2340

    Phone: 02 6767 5555 Fax: 02 6767 5499 DX: 6125 Tamworth



    Area (sq Km): 9894 Population: 59461 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 4th Tuesday 6:00PM

    ABN: 52 631 074 450


    Mayor: Clr Colin J Murray

    Deputy: Clr Russell Webb

    Clr Phil Betts, Clr Tim Coates, Clr Mark Rodda, Clr Helen Tickle, Clr James Treloar, Clr Juanita Wilson, Clr Warren Woodley


    General Manager: Mr Paul Bennett

    Director, Business and Events: Mr John Sommerlad

    Director, Corporate & Governance: Mr Robert Charlesworth

    Director, Planning & Community Services: Ms Jackie Kruger

    Director, Regional Services: Mr Peter Resch

    Director, Water Enterprises: Mr Bruce Logan

    Public Officer: Mr Robert Charlesworth

    Auditors: Prosperity Advisers (Newcastle)

    Temora Shire Council

    PO Box 262, TEMORA NSW 2666

    105 Loftus Street, Temora NSW 2666

    Phone: 02 6980 1100 Fax: 02 6980 1138 DX: 5994 Temora



    Area (sq Km): 2803 Population: 6216 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 3rd Thursday, 04:00PM

    ABN: 55 048 860 109


    Mayor: Clr Rick Firman

    Deputy: Clr Graham P Sinclair

    Clr Graham Coates, Clr Nigel Judd, Clr Max Oliver, Clr Rachael Schliebs, Clr Dennis Sleigh, Clr Kenneth G Smith, Clr Peter Speirs


    General Manager: Mr Gary Lavelle

    Director, Administration & Finance: Mr Steve Firth

    Director, Engineering Services: Mr Fabio Giacomin

    Director, Environmental Services: Mr Kris Dunstan

    Public Officer: Mr Steve Firth

    Auditors: Auswild & Co

    Tenterfield Shire Council

    PO Box 214, TENTERFIELD NSW 2372

    247 Rouse Street, Tenterfield NSW 2372

    Phone: 02 6736 6000 Fax: 02 6736 6005



    Area (sq Km): 7332 Population: 7071 Wards: 5

    Meetings: 4th Wednesday 9:30 AM

    ABN: 85 010 810 083


    Mayor: Clr Peter Petty

    Deputy: Clr Brian Murray

    Clr Don Forbes, Clr Toni Hull, Clr Mary Leahy, Clr Blair Maxwell, Clr Tom Peters, Clr Michael Petrie, Clr Carol Schiffmann, Clr Gary Verri


    General Manager: Ms Lotta Jackson

    Acting Director, Engineering Services: Mr Ralf Stoeckeler

    Director, Corporate Services: Mr Allan Shorter

    Director, Strategic Planning and Environmental Services: Mr James Ruprai

    Public Officer: Ms Lotta Jackson

    Auditors: Forsyths (Armidale)

    Tumbarumba Shire Council

    PO Box 61, TUMBARUMBA NSW 2653

    Cnr Bridge & Winton Street, Tumbarumba NSW 2653

    Phone: 02 6948 9100 Fax: 02 6948 2865



    Area (sq Km): 4392 Population: 3765 Wards: 0

    Meetings: Last Thursday of month 2:00PM

    ABN: 95 644 350 020


    Mayor: Clr Ian Chaffey

    Deputy: Clr Tony A'Beckett

    Clr Alan Becke, Clr Sue Fletcher, Clr Julie Giddings, Clr Brent Livermore, Clr George Martin, Clr Rodney Shaw


    General Manager: Mrs Kay Whitehead

    Director, Corporate and Community Services: Mr John Proctor

    Director, Engineering Services: Mr Wayne Bennett

    Director, Environmental Services: Mr Gus Cox

    Public Officer: Mr John Proctor

    Auditors: KPMG (Albury)

    Tumut Shire Council

    76 Capper Street, TUMUT NSW 2720

    76 Capper Street, Tumut NSW 2720

    Phone: 02 6941 2555 Fax: 02 6941 2678



    Area (sq Km): 4567 Population: 11480 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 4th Tuesday 5:00PM

    ABN: 80 970 406 169


    Mayor: Clr Trina Thomson

    Deputy: Clr James Hayes

    Clr Suzanne Bulger, Clr Peter Cross, Clr Margaret Isselmann, Clr Geoff Pritchard, Clr Scott Stevenson


    General Manager: Mr Bob Stewart

    Public Officer: Mr Allan Tonkin

    Auditors: Adams Kenneally White & Co

    Tweed Shire Council

    PO Box 816, MURWILLUMBAH NSW 2484

    Civic and Cultural Centre, Tumbulgum Road, Murwillumbah NSW 2484

    Phone: 02 6670 2400 Fax: 02 6670 2429



    Area (sq Km): 1309 Population: 90090 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 3rd Tuesday 03:30PM

    ABN: 90 178 732 496


    Mayor: Clr Barry Longland

    Deputy: Clr Michael Armstrong

    Clr Gary Bagnall, Clr Carolyn Byrne, Clr Katie Milne, Clr Warren Polglase, Clr Philip C Youngblutt


    General Manager: Mr Troy Green

    Director, Community and Natural Resources: Mr David Oxenham

    Director, Engineering and Operations: Mr Patrick Knight

    Director, Planning and Regulation: Mr Vince Connell

    Public Officer: Mr Neil Baldwin

    Auditors: Thomas Noble & Russell

    Upper Hunter Shire Council

    PO Box 208, SCONE NSW 2337

    135 Liverpool Street, Scone NSW 2337

    Phone: 02 6540 1100 Fax: 02 6545 2671



    Area (sq Km): 8102 Population: 14198 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 4th Monday each month 5:00PM

    ABN: 17 261 839 740


    Mayor: Clr Michael Johnsen

    Deputy: Clr Wayne Bedggood

    Clr Peter Bishop, Clr Ron Campbell, Clr Maurice Collison, Clr Lorna Driscoll, Clr Kiwa Fisher, Clr Deirdre Peebles, Clr Lee Watts


    General Manager: Mr Waid Crockett

    Director Corporate Services: Mr Steve Pryor

    Director Environmental Services: Mr Mathew Pringle

    Director Technical Services: Mr Alan Fletcher

    Public Officer: Mr Steve Pryor

    Auditors: Forsyths (Armidale)

    Upper Lachlan Shire Council

    PO Box 42, GUNNING NSW 2581

    44 Spring Street, Crookwell NSW 2583

    Phone: 02 4830 1000 Fax: 02 4845 1426



    Area (sq Km): 7129 Population: 7559 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 4th Thursday 9:30AM

    ABN: 81 011 241 552


    Mayor: Clr John S Shaw

    Deputy: Clr James Wheelwright

    Clr Malcolm Barlow, Clr Scott Craig, Clr Paul Culhane, Clr Jo Marshall, Clr Brian McCormack, Clr Darren O'Brien, Clr John Searl


    General Manager: Mr John Bell

    Director, Environment and Planning: Mrs Tina Dodson

    Director, Finance and Administration: Mr Andrew Croke

    Public Officer: Ms Carmel Hills

    Auditors: Alan Morse & Co (Bathurst)

    Uralla Shire Council

    PO Box 106, URALLA NSW 2358

    32 Salisbury Street, Uralla NSW 2358

    Phone: 02 6778 6300 Fax: 02 6778 5073



    Area (sq Km): 3230 Population: 6287 Wards: 3

    Meetings: 4th Monday 12:00 Noon

    ABN: 55 868 272 018


    Mayor: Clr Michael Pearce

    Deputy: Clr Bob Crouch

    Clr Leanne Cooper, Clr Karen Dusting, Clr Mark Dusting, Clr Daphne Field, Clr Fred Geldof, Clr Isabel Strutt, Clr Kevin Ward


    General Manager: Mr Tom O'Connor

    Director, Works & Environmental Services: Mr Robert Bell

    Public Officer: Mr Tom O'Connor

    Auditors: Forsyths (Armidale)

    Urana Shire Council

    PO Box 55, URANA NSW 2645

    William Street, Urana NSW 2645

    Phone: 02 6930 9100 Fax: 02 6930 9101



    Area (sq Km): 3356 Population: 1261 Wards: 3

    Meetings: 2nd Tuesday 11:00AM

    ABN: 25 195 569 377


    Mayor: Clr Patrick Bourke

    Deputy: Clr David Fahey OAM

    Clr Peter Day, Clr John Doyle, Clr Ian Kreutzberger, Clr Anthony Marsh, Clr Barry McFarlane, Clr Lisa Rhodes, Clr Alan Urquhart


    General Manager: Mr Adrian Butler

    Group Manager - Engineering Services: Ms Penny Craig

    Group Manager - Environmental Services: Mr Brent Livermore

    Group Manager - Financial Services: Mr Ronald Bonat

    Public Officer: Mr Ronald Bonat

    Auditors: Adams Kenneally White & Co

    Wagga Wagga City Council

    PO Box 20, WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650

    Wagga Wagga Civic Centre, Cnr Baylis and Morrow Street, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

    Phone: 1300 292 442 Fax: 02 6926 9199



    Area (sq Km): 4826 Population: 63500 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 4th Monday 07:00PM

    ABN: 56 044 159 537


    Mayor: Clr Rod Kendall

    Deputy: Clr Andrew Negline

    Clr Yvonne Braid, Clr Alan Brown, Clr Greg Conkey, Clr Paul Funnell, Clr Garry Hiscock, Clr Julian McLaren, Clr Kerry Pascoe, Clr Kevin Poynter, Clr Dallas Tout


    General Manager: Mr Phil Pinyon

    Director, Commercial and Economic Development: Mr Peter Adams

    Director, Corporate Services: Mr Craig Richardson

    Director, Environmental and Community Services: Ms Janice Summerhayes

    Director, Infrastructure Services: Mr Heinz Kausche

    Director, Planning: Mr Andrew Crakanthorp

    Public Officer: Mr Craig Richardson

    Auditors: Adams Kenneally White & Co

    The Council of the Shire of Wakool

    Private Bag 40, MOULAMEIN NSW 2733

    Tualka Terrace, Moulamein NSW 2733

    Phone: 03 5887 5007 Fax: 03 5887 5103



    Area (sq Km): 7521 Population: 4389 Wards: 3

    Meetings: 3rd Wed 1:00PM (No Jan Mtg)

    ABN: 71 096 432 421


    Mayor: Clr Neil Gorey

    Deputy: Clr Anthony Jackson

    Clr Ann Crowe, Clr Katarni Lipp, Clr Lois Lockhart, Clr Colin Membrey


    General Manager: Mr Bruce Graham

    Director Corporate Services: Mr Peter Arthur

    Director Development Services: Mr Paul O'Brien

    Director Engineering Services: Mr Brian Ebery

    Public Officer: Mr Peter Arthur

    Auditors: Adams Kenneally White & Co

    Walcha Council

    PO Box 2, WALCHA NSW 2354

    2 Hamilton Street, Walcha NSW 2354

    Phone: 02 6774 2500 Fax: 02 6777 1181



    Area (sq Km): 6267 Population: 3299 Wards: 4

    Meetings: last Wednesday of Month 2:00PM

    ABN: 24 780 320 847


    Mayor: Clr Janelle Archdale

    Deputy: Clr Scott Schmutter

    Clr Kevin Ferrier, Clr Bill Heazlett, Clr Lloyd Levingston, Clr Clint Lyon, Clr Robert Thomson, Clr Maria Woods


    General Manager: Mr Jack O'Hara

    Director Environmental Services: Mr Gerry Moran

    Finance Manager: Mr David Savory

    Public Officer: Mr Jack O'Hara

    Auditors: Forsyths (Armidale)

    Walgett Shire Council

    PO Box 31, WALGETT NSW 2832

    77 Fox Street, Walgett NSW 2832

    Phone: 02 6828 1399 Fax: 02 6828 1608



    Area (sq Km): 22335 Population: 7235 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 4th Tuesday each month 10:00AM

    ABN: 88 769 076 385


    Mayor: Clr Gustavus Murray

    Deputy: Clr David Lane

    Clr Darryl Cooper, Clr Robert Greenaway, Clr Jane Keir, Clr Manuel Martinez, Clr Michael Taylor, Clr Lawrence Walford, Clr Ian J Woodcock


    General Manager: Mr Donald Ramsland

    Acting Director, Urban Infrastructure Services: Mr Prafulla Bahadur K. C.

    Acting Human Resources Manager: Ms Julie McKeown

    Director, Corporate and Community Services: Mr Stephen Holland

    Director, Engineering Services: Mr Raju Ranjit

    Director, Planning and Regulatory Services: Mr Matthew Goodwin

    Public Officer: Mr Stephen Holland

    Auditors: Spencer Steer & Associates

    Warren Shire Council

    PO Box 6, WARREN NSW 2824

    115 Dubbo Street, Warren NSW 2824

    Phone: 02 6847 6600 Fax: 02 6847 6633



    Area (sq Km): 10763 Population: 2845 Wards: 4

    Meetings: 4th Thursday 08:30AM

    ABN: 87 198 932 652


    Mayor: Clr Norman Wilson OAM

    Deputy: Clr Pauline Serdity

    Clr Richard Azar, Clr Mark Beach, Clr Nick Brennan, Clr Julian L Campbell AM, Clr Noel Kinsey, Clr James H McCalman AM, Clr Milton Quigley, Clr Kevin W Taylor, Clr Tony Van Lubeck, Clr Brett D Williamson


    General Manager: Mr Ashley Wielinga

    Manager Engineering Services: Mr Tom Baldwin

    Manager, Finance & Administration: Mr Darren Arthur

    Manager, Health and Development: Mrs Maryanne Stephens

    Public Officer: Mr Darren Arthur

    Auditors: Hill Rogers Spencer Steer

    Warringah Council

    Civic Centre, 725 Pittwater Road, DEE WHY NSW 2099

    Civic Centre, 725 Pittwater Road, Dee Why NSW 2099

    Phone: 02 9942 2111 Fax: 02 9971 4522 DX: 9118 Dee Why



    Area (sq Km): 149 Population: 145865 Wards: 3

    Meetings: 4th Tuesday 06.00PM

    ABN: 31 565 068 406


    Mayor: Clr Michael Regan (popularly elected)

    Deputy: Clr Sue Heins

    Clr Pat Daley, Clr Vincent De Luca, Clr Bob Giltinan, Clr Wayne Gobert, Clr Roslyn Harrison, Clr Duncan Kerr, Clr Jose Menano-Pires, Clr Vanessa Moskal


    General Manager: Mr Rik Hart

    Acting Director, Community and Environmental Services: Mr Malcolm Ryan

    Acting Director, Strategic and Development Services: Mr David Kerr

    Director, Corporate Services: Mr John Warburton

    Public Officer: Mr John Warburton

    Auditors: Hill Rogers Spencer Steer

    Warrumbungle Shire Council

    PO Box 191, COONABARABRAN NSW 2357

    20-22 John Street, Coonabarabran NSW 2357

    Phone: 02 6849 2000 Fax: 02 6842 1337



    Area (sq Km): 12381 Population: 10330 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 3rd Thursday 11:00AM

    ABN: 63348671239


    Mayor: Clr Peter Shinton

    Deputy: Clr Murray Coe

    Clr Gary Andrews, Clr Anne-Louise Capel, Clr Fred Clancy, Clr Victor Schmidt, Clr Chris Sullivan, Clr Ronald Sullivan, Clr Denis Todd


    General Manager: Mr Steve Loane

    Director, Community Services: Mrs Rebecca Ryan

    Director, Technical Services: Mr Kevin Tighe

    Public Officer: Mr Steve Loane

    Auditors: Forsyths (Armidale)

    Waverley Council


    Cnr. Paul St & Bondi Rd, Bondi Junction NSW 2022

    Phone: 02 9369 8000 Fax: 02 9387 1820 DX: 12006 Bondi Jn



    Area (sq Km): 9 Population: 69420 Wards: 4

    Meetings: 3rd Tuesday 7:00PM

    ABN: 12 502 583 608


    Mayor: Clr Sally Betts

    Deputy: Clr Tony Kay

    Clr Angela Burrill, Clr Joy Clayton, Clr Andrew Cusack, Clr Leon Goltsman, Clr Miriam Guttman-Jones, Clr Paula Masselos, Clr Bill Mouroukas, Clr Ingrid Strewe, Clr John Wakefield, Clr Dominic Wy Kanak


    General Manager: Mr Arthur Kyron

    Director, Corporate and Technical Services: Ms Bronwyn Kelly

    Director, Planning and Environmental Services: Mr Peter Monks

    Director, Public Works and Services: Mr Mark Wood

    Director, Recreation, Customer and Community Services: Ms Cathy Henderson

    Public Officer: Mr Paul Spyve

    Auditors: Hill Rogers Spencer Steer

    Weddin Shire Council

    PO Box 125, GRENFELL NSW 2810

    Camp Street, Grenfell NSW 2810

    Phone: 02 6343 1212 Fax: 02 6343 1203



    Area (sq Km): 3410 Population: 3780 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 3rd Thursday 05:00PM

    ABN: 73 819 323 291


    Mayor: Clr Mark Liebich

    Deputy: Clr John Niven

    Clr Paul Best, Clr Carly Brown, Clr Alan Griffiths, Clr Graeme Halls, Clr Nevin Hughes, Clr Geoff McClelland, Clr Jan Parlett


    General Manager: Mr Glenn Carroll

    Director, Corporate Services: Mr Lachlan Gibson

    Director, Engineering: Mr Bill Twohill

    Director, Environmental Services: Mr Brendan Hayes

    Public Officer: Mr Lachlan Gibson

    Auditors: Alan Morse & Co (Orange)

    Wellington Council

    PO Box 62, WELLINGTON NSW 2820

    1 Nanima Crescent, Wellington NSW 2820

    Phone: 02 6840 1700 Fax: 02 6840 1791



    Area (sq Km): 4113 Population: 8875 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 4th Wednesday 05:30PM

    ABN: 57 268 387 231


    Mayor: Clr Rod Buhr

    Deputy: Clr David Grant

    Clr Alison Conn, Clr Graham Cross, Clr Terry Dray, Clr Mark Griggs, Clr Marcus Hanney, Clr Anne Jones, Clr Pip Smith


    General Manager: Mr Michael Tolhurst

    Director, Corporate Services: Mrs Karen Roberts

    Director, Environmental, Planning and Community Services: Mr John Clague

    Director, Technical Services: Mr Owen Johns

    Public Officer: Mrs Karen Roberts

    Auditors: Morse Group (Dubbo)

    Wentworth Shire Council

    PO Box 81, WENTWORTH NSW 2648

    26 - 28 Adelaide Street, Wentworth NSW 2648

    Phone: 03 5027 5027 Fax: 03 5027 5000



    Area (sq Km): 26267 Population: 7120 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 3rd Wednesday 09:00AM

    ABN: 96 283 886 815


    Mayor: Clr Donald McKinnon

    Deputy: Clr Paul Cohrs

    Clr Brad Clarke, Clr Melisa Hederics, Clr Peter Nunan, Clr Brian Wakefield, Clr Bill Wheeldon, Clr Bob Wheeldon, Clr Ian Whitfield


    General Manager: Mr Peter Kozlowski

    Director Corporate and Community Services: Ms Terri Maguire

    Director Development & Environment: Mr Ken Ross

    Public Officer: Ms Terri Maguire

    Auditors: Thomsons Accountants & Advisers

    Willoughby City Council

    PO Box 57, , CHATSWOOD NSW 2057

    Administrative Building, 31-37 Victor Street, Chatswood NSW 2067

    Phone: 02 9777 1000 Fax: 02 9777 1038



    Area (sq Km): 22 Population: 70008 Wards: 4

    Meetings: Every 2nd & 4th Monday 7:00PM

    ABN: 47 974 826 099


    Mayor: Clr Gail Giles-Gidney (popularly elected)

    Deputy: Clr Stuart Coppock

    Clr Hugh Eriksson, Clr Rachel Hill, Clr John Hooper, Clr Tony Mustaca, Clr Wendy Norton, Clr Angelo Rozos, Clr Judith Rutherford, Clr Lynne Saville, Clr Michelle Sloane, Clr Mandy Stevens, Clr Nic Wright


    General Manager: Mr Nick Tobin

    Community Services Director: Ms Melanie Smith

    Corporate Support Director: Ms Tracey Crouch

    Economic & Property Development Director: Mr Jeff Ellis

    Environmental Services Director: Mr Greg Woodhams

    Financial Services Director: Mr Tony Pizzuto

    Human Resources Manager: Ms Christine Davis

    Infrastructure Services Director: Position Vacant

    Public Officer: Mr Jeff Knight

    Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers (Sydney)

    Wingecarribee Shire Council

    PO Box 141, MOSS VALE NSW 2577

    Civic Centre, Elizabeth Street, Moss Vale NSW 2577

    Phone: 02 4868 0888 Fax: 02 4869 1203 DX: 4961 Bowral



    Area (sq Km): 2689 Population: 46960 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 2nd and 4th Wednesday 04:00PM

    ABN: 49 546 344 354


    Mayor: Clr Juliet Arkwright

    Deputy: Clr Larry Whipper

    Clr Holly Campbell, Clr Jim Clarke, Clr Duncan Gair, Clr Graham McLaughlin, Clr Ian Scandrett, Clr Garry Turland, Clr John Uliana


    General Manager: Ms Ann Prendergast

    Acting General Manager: Ms Ann Prendergast

    Director Corporate Services: Mr Barry Paull

    Public Officer: Mr Barry Paull

    Auditors: Warton Thompson & Co

    Wollondilly Shire Council

    PO Box 21, PICTON NSW 2571

    62-64 Menangle Street, Picton NSW 2571

    Phone: 02 4677 1100 Fax: 02 4677 2339 DX: 26052 Picton



    Area (sq Km): 2557 Population: 44050 Wards: 3

    Meetings: 2nd and 3rd Monday 06:00PM

    ABN: 93 723 245 808


    Mayor: Clr Benn Banasik

    Deputy: Clr Lou Amato

    Clr Michael Banasik, Clr Hilton Gibbs, Clr Judy Hannan, Clr Simon Landow, Clr Ray Law, Clr Colin Mitchell, Clr Kate Terry


    General Manager: Mr Luke Johnson

    Assistant General Manager: Ms Ally Dench

    Public Officer: Mr John Sproule

    Auditors: Warton Thompson & Co

    Wollongong City Council

    Locked Bag 8821, , WOLLONGONG DC NSW 2500

    41 Burelli Street, , Wollongong NSW 2500

    Phone: 02 4227 7111 Fax: 02 4227 7277



    Area (sq Km): 684 Population: 203487 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 2nd & 4th Monday @ 6PM

    ABN: 63 139 525 939


    Lord Mayor: Clr Gordon Bradbery OAM (popularly elected)

    Deputy: Clr John Dorahy

    Clr Michelle Blicavs, Clr David F Brown, Clr Leigh Colacino, Clr Chris Connor, Clr Bede Crasnich, Clr Vicki Curran, Clr Janice Kershaw, Clr Ann Martin, Clr Jill Merrin, Clr Greg Petty, Clr George Takacs


    General Manager: Mr David Farmer

    Director, Corporate and Community Services: Mr Greg Doyle

    Director, Infrastructure and Works: Mr Peter Kofod

    Director, Planning and Environment: Mr Andrew Carfield

    Public Officer: Ms Lyn Kofod

    Auditors: Spencer Steer & Associates

    Woollahra Municipal Council

    PO Box 61, DOUBLE BAY NSW 1360

    536 New South Head Road, Double Bay NSW 2028

    Phone: 02 9391 7000 Fax: 02 9391 7044 DX: 3607 Double Bay



    Area (sq Km): 12 Population: 56005 Wards: 5

    Meetings: 2nd & 4th Monday 08.00PM

    ABN: 32 218 483 245


    Mayor: Clr Toni Zeltzer

    Deputy: Clr Katherine O'Regan

    Clr Ted Bennett, Clr Anthony Boskovitz, Clr Peter Cavanagh, Clr Luise Elsing, Clr James Keulemans, Clr Greg Levenston, Clr Anthony Marano, Clr Andrew Petrie, Clr Matthew Robertson, Clr Deborah Thomas, Clr Elena Wise, Clr Susan Wynne, Clr Jeff Zulman


    General Manager: Mr Gary James

    Director, Community Services: Ms Kylie Walshe

    Director, Corporate Services: Mr Stephen Dunshea

    Director, Planning & Development: Mr Allan Coker

    Director, Technical Services: Mr Tom O'Hanlon

    Public Officer: Mr Stephen Dunshea

    Auditors: Spencer Steer & Associates

    Wyong Shire Council

    PO Box 20, WYONG NSW 2259

    2 Hely Street, Wyong NSW 2259

    Phone: 02 4350 5555 Fax: 02 4351 2098 DX: 7306 Wyong



    Area (sq Km): 740 Population: 151527 Wards: 2

    Meetings: 2nd & 4th Wednesday 5:00PM

    ABN: 47 054 613 735


    Mayor: Clr Doug Eaton

    Deputy: Clr Lynne Webster

    Clr Greg Best, Clr Bob Graham, Clr Ken Greenwald, Clr Lisa Matthews, Clr Luke Nayna, Clr Lloyd Taylor, Clr Adam Troy, Clr Doug Vincent


    General Manager: Mr Michael Whittaker

    Director Community & Recreation Services: Ms Maxine Kenyon

    Director Infrastructure Management: Mr Greg McDonald

    Director, Corporate Services: Mr David Jack

    Director, Shire Planning: Ms Gina Vereker

    Public Officer: Mrs Melanie Domingo

    Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers (Newcastle)

    Yass Valley Council

    PO Box 6, , YASS NSW 2582

    209 Comur Street, , Yass NSW 2582

    Phone: 02 6226 1477 Fax: 02 6226 2598



    Area (sq Km): 3999 Population: 15190 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 4th Wednesday 05:00PM

    ABN: 50 119 744 650


    Mayor: Clr Rowena Abbey

    Deputy: Clr Michael McManus

    Clr Cecil Burgess, Clr Greg Butler, Clr Ann Daniel, Clr Geoff Frost, Clr Jasmin Jones, Clr David Needham, Clr Garry Ware


    General Manager: Mr David Rowe

    Director, Corporate and Community Services: Ms Sheri Norton

    Director, Operations: Mr Simon Cassidy

    Director, Planning and Environmental Services: Mr Paul de Szell

    Public Officer: Ms Sheri Norton

    Auditors: Duesburys Nexia

    Young Shire Council

    Locked Bag 5, YOUNG NSW 2594

    Council Chambers, Boorowa St, Young NSW 2594

    Phone: 02 6380 1200 Fax: 02 6382 4443



    Area (sq Km): 2693 Population: 13078 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 3rd Wednesday 5:15PM

    ABN: 92 613 026 544


    Mayor: Clr Stuart Freudenstein

    Deputy: Clr Ben Cooper

    Clr Sandy Freudenstein, Clr Brian Ingram, Clr John McGregor, Clr Allan Miller, Clr Brian Mullany, Clr John Walker, Clr Tony Wallace


    General Manager: Mr Peter Vlatko

    Director - Corporate Services: Mr Greg Armstrong

    Director - Operations: Mr Dirk Wymer

    Director - Planning & Environment: Mr Craig Filmer

    Director - Utility Services: Mr Phillip Glover

    Town Planner: Ms Laura Schweiger

    Public Officer: Mr Greg Armstrong

    Auditors: Auswild & Co

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