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Local Government Directory - Local Councils

The Local Government Directory is compiled by The Division of Local Government from information provided by councils and other local government organisations.

The Directory contains information about Local Councils, County Councils, Regional Organisations of Councils and other organisations working within the Local Government sector.

Information on councils includes contact details such as: street and postal addresses; telephone and facsimile numbers; and email and Internet addresses.

Information on elected members of councils and senior staff is also available for each council.

Other information about the local government areas is provided, such as area in square kilometres and population.

Last Updated: Thursday 14 August 2014

To find your council select the council from the council name index below.

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  • Lachlan Shire Council
  • Lake Macquarie City Council
  • Lane Cove Municipal Council
  • Leeton Shire Council
  • Leichhardt Municipal Council
  • Lismore City Council
  • City of Lithgow Council
  • Liverpool City Council
  • Liverpool Plains Shire Council
  • Lockhart Shire Council
  • Maitland City Council
  • Manly Council
  • Marrickville Council
  • Mid-Western Regional Council
  • Moree Plains Shire Council
  • Mosman Municipal Council
  • Murray Shire Council
  • Murrumbidgee Shire Council
  • Muswellbrook Shire Council
  • Nambucca Shire Council
  • Narrabri Shire Council
  • Narrandera Shire Council
  • Narromine Shire Council
  • Newcastle City Council
  • North Sydney Council

  •  Last Updated 14 August 2014

    Lachlan Shire Council

    PO Box 216, CONDOBOLIN NSW 2877

    58-64 Molong Street, Condobolin NSW 2877

    Phone: 02 6895 1900 Fax: 02 6895 3478



    Area (sq Km): 14973 Population: 6844 Wards: 5

    Meetings: 3rd Wednesday 10:00AM

    ABN: 82 815 250 829


    Mayor: Clr Desmond Manwaring

    Deputy: Clr John Medcalf

    Clr Dennis Brady, Clr Maxwell Frankel, Clr Mark Hall, Clr Brian Nelson, Clr Paul Phillips, Clr John Ridley, Clr Les Saunders, Clr Graham Scott


    General Manager: Ms Liz Collyer

    Director, Corporate Services: Mr Brian Tickle

    Director, Environmental Services and Planning: Mr Adrian Butler

    Director, Technical Services: Mr Phil Newham

    Public Officer: Mr Brian Tickle

    Auditors: Morse Group (Orange)

    Lake Macquarie City Council


    126 - 138 Main Road, Speers Point NSW 2284

    Phone: 02 4921 0333 Fax: 02 4958 7257 DX: 7869 Newcastle



    Area (sq Km): 648 Population: 200849 Wards: 3

    Meetings: 4th Monday 07:00PM

    ABN: 81 065 027 868


    Mayor: Clr Jodie Harrison (popularly elected)

    Deputy: Clr Daniel Wallace

    Clr Brian Adamthwaite, Clr Laurie Coghlan, Clr Rosmairi Dawson, Clr Robert Denton, Clr Kay Fraser, Clr Chad Griffith, Clr Wendy Harrison, Clr Barry Johnston, Clr Barney Langford, Clr Jason Pauling, Clr Ken Paxinos


    General Manager: Mr Brian Bell

    Director, City Strategy: Mr Tony Farrell

    Director, Community Development: Ms Morven Cameron

    Director, Operations: Ms Amanda Colbey

    Public Officer: Mr Troy Hamilton

    Auditors: Pitcher Partners (Newcastle)

    Lane Cove Municipal Council

    PO Box 20, LANE COVE NSW 1595

    48 Longueville Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066

    Phone: 02 9911 3555 Fax: 02 9911 3600



    Area (sq Km): 11 Population: 33335 Wards: 3

    Meetings: 1st & 3rd Mon alternate7:00pm

    ABN: 42 062 211 626


    Mayor: Clr David Brooks-Horn

    Deputy: Clr Soo-Tee Cheong

    Clr Scott Bennison, Clr Karola Brent, Clr Marc Gold, Clr Deborah Hutchens, Clr David Karpin, Clr Pam Palmer, Clr Daniel Strassberg


    General Manager: Mr Craig Wrightson

    Executive Manager, Environmental Services: Mr Michael Mason

    Executive Manager, Human Services: Ms Jane Gornall

    Executive Manager, Open Space and Urban Services Division: Mr Wayne Rylands

    General Manger: Mr Craig Wrightson

    Manager Governance: Mr Ian Naylor

    Public Officer: Mr Ian Naylor

    Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers (Sydney)

    Leeton Shire Council

    23-25 Chelmsford Place, LEETON NSW 2705

    23-25 Chelmsford Place, Leeton NSW 2705

    Phone: 02 6953 0911 Fax: 02 6953 3337



    Area (sq Km): 1167 Population: 11929 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 4th Wednesday 07:30PM

    ABN: 59 217 957 665


    Mayor: Clr Paul Maytom

    Deputy: Clr George Weston

    Clr Peter Davidson, Clr Emerson Doig, Clr Steve Dowling, Clr Michael Kidd, Clr Tracey Morris, Clr Greg O'Callaghan, Clr Tracey Valenzisi


    General Manager: Mr John Batchelor

    Director Corporate Services: Mr Duncan McWhirter

    Director, Engineering and Technical Services: Mr Barry Heins

    Director, Environmental & Community Services: Mr Garry Stoll

    Public Officer: Mr Duncan McWhirter

    Auditors: Auswild & Co

    Leichhardt Municipal Council

    PO Box 45, LEICHHARDT NSW 2040

    7-15 Wetherill Street, Leichhardt NSW 2040

    Phone: 02 9367 9222 Fax: 02 9367 9111 DX: 3914 Annandale



    Area (sq Km): 11 Population: 55596 Wards: 4

    Meetings: 4th Tuesday 07:00PM

    ABN: 92 379 942 845


    Mayor: Clr Darcy Byrne

    Deputy: Clr Linda Kelly

    Clr Frank Breen, Clr Craig Channells, Clr Tony Costantino, Clr Simon Emsley, Clr Vera-Ann Hannaford, Clr John H Jobling, Clr Daniel Kogoy, Clr Michele McKenzie, Clr Rochelle Porteous, Clr John Stamolis


    General Manager: Mr Peter Head

    Director Corporate and Information Services: Mr Matthew Phillips

    Director, Environmental and Community Management: Mr Peter Conroy

    Director, Infrastructure and Service Delivery: Mr Peter Gainsford

    Public Officer: Ms Margaret Lyons

    Auditors: Warton Thompson & Co

    Lismore City Council

    PO Box 23A, LISMORE NSW 2480

    43 Oliver Avenue, Goonellabah NSW 2480

    Phone: 02 6625 0500 Fax: 02 6625 0400 DX: 7761 Lismore



    Area (sq Km): 1290 Population: 45917 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of Month 06:00PM

    ABN: 60 080 932 837


    Mayor: Clr Jenny Dowell (popularly elected)

    Deputy: Clr Neil Marks

    Clr Gianpiero Battista, Clr Greg Bennett, Clr Simon Clough, Clr Vanessa Grindon-Ekins, Clr Ray Houston, Clr Graham Meineke, Clr Glenys Ritchie, Clr Mathew Scheibel, Clr Isaac Smith


    General Manager: Mr Gary Murphy

    Executive Director Infrastructure Services: Mr Garry Hemsworth

    Executive Director Sustainable Development: Mr Brent McAlister

    Public Officer: Mr Graeme Wilson

    Auditors: Thomas Noble & Russell

    City of Lithgow Council

    PO Box 19, LITHGOW NSW 2790

    180 Mort Street, Lithgow NSW 2790

    Phone: 02 6354 9999 Fax: 02 6351 4259



    Area (sq Km): 4514 Population: 21094 Wards: 0

    Meetings: Every 3rd Monday 07:00PM

    ABN: 59 986 092 492


    Mayor: Clr Maree Statham

    Deputy: Clr Ray Thompson

    Clr Ross Higlett, Clr Col Hunter, Clr Frank Inzitari, Clr Wayne McAndrew, Clr Joe McGinnes, Clr Peter Pilbeam, Clr Martin Ticehurst


    General Manager: Mr Roger Bailey

    Finance Manager: Mr Christopher Brice

    Group Manager, Corporate and Community: Ms Juli-Ann Brozek

    Group Manager, Environment and Development: Mr Andrew Muir

    Group Manager, Operations: Mr Iain Stewart

    Public Officer: Ms Juli-Ann Brozek

    Auditors: Crowe Horwath (Lithgow)

    Liverpool City Council

    Locked Bag 7064, , LIVERPOOL BC NSW 1871

    Level 2, 33 Moore Street, Liverpool NSW 2170

    Phone: 02 9821 9222 Fax: 02 9821 9333 DX: 5030 Liverpool



    Area (sq Km): 306 Population: 185481 Wards: 2

    Meetings: Once a month (Wed) 06:00PM

    ABN: 84 181 182 472


    Mayor: Clr Ned Mannoun (popularly elected)

    Deputy: Clr Mazhar Hadid

    Clr Gus Balloot, Clr Tony Hadchiti, Clr Peter Harle, Clr Ali Karnib, Clr Sabrina Mamone, Clr Peter Ristevski, Clr Geoff Shelton, Clr Anne Stanley, Clr Wendy Waller


    General Manager: Mr Carl Wulff

    Executive Director: Ms Julie Hately

    Group Manager, Business Excellence: Mr Matthew Walker

    Group Manager, City Presentation: Mr Gino Belsito

    Group Manager, Community and Culture: Ms Kiersten Fishburn

    Group Manager, Economy and Engagement: Mr Michael Cullen

    Group Manager, Governance: Ms Nadia Napoletano

    Group Manager, Infrastructure and Environment: Mr Raj Autar

    Group Manager, Planning and Growth: Ms Toni Averay

    Group Manager, Strategy and Executive: Ms Billie Sankovic

    Public Officer: Mr David McGuire

    Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers (Sydney)

    Liverpool Plains Shire Council

    PO Box 152, QUIRINDI NSW 2343

    60 Station Street, Quirindi NSW 2343

    Phone: 02 6746 1755 Fax: 02 6746 3255



    Area (sq Km): 5086 Population: 7965 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 4th Wednesday 03:30PM

    ABN: 97 810 717 370


    Mayor: Clr Ian Lobsey OAM

    Deputy: Clr Andrew Hope

    Clr Ken Cudmore, Clr Andrew Laurie, Clr Mary Roberts, Clr Col Stewart, Clr Rob Webster


    General Manager: Mr Robert C Hunt

    Chief Financial Officer: Ms Ann Newsome

    Director, Corporate and Community Services: Mr Michael Urquhart

    Director, Environmental Services: Mr Ron Van Katwyk

    Director, Works: Mr Greg Tory

    Public Officer: Mr Michael Urquhart

    Auditors: Forsyths (Armidale)

    Lockhart Shire Council

    PO Box 21, LOCKHART NSW 2656

    65 Green Street, Lockhart NSW 2656

    Phone: 02 6920 5305 Fax: 02 6920 5247



    Area (sq Km): 2896 Population: 3318 Wards: 3

    Meetings: 3rd Monday 05:00PM

    ABN: 82 002 584 082


    Mayor: Clr Peter Yates

    Deputy: Clr Rodger Schirmer

    Clr Max Day, Clr Derek Douglas, Clr Gail Driscoll, Clr Rodney McDonnell, Clr Jim Morgan, Clr John Paterson, Clr Greg Verdon


    General Manager: Mr Rod Shaw

    Director, Corporate and Community Services: Mr Craig Fletcher

    Director, Engineering and Environmental Services: Mr David Webb

    Public Officer: Mr Craig Fletcher

    Auditors: Auswild & Co

    Maitland City Council

    PO Box 220, MAITLAND NSW 2320

    285-287 High Street, Maitland NSW 2320

    Phone: 02 4934 9700 Fax: 02 4933 3209 DX: 21613 Maitland



    Area (sq Km): 392 Population: 70296 Wards: 4

    Meetings: 2nd & 4th Tuesdays 5:30PM

    ABN: 11 596 310 805


    Mayor: Clr Peter T Blackmore (popularly elected)

    Deputy: Clr Stephen Procter

    Clr Robert Aitchison, Clr Loretta Baker, Clr Brian Burke, Clr Peter Garnham, Clr Bob Geoghegan, Clr Arch Humphery, Clr Henry Meskauskas, Clr Nic Penfold, Clr Philip Penfold, Clr Kenneth Wethered, Clr Ben Whiting


    General Manager: Mr David Evans

    Group Manager, Assets & Infrastructure Planning: Mr Chris James

    Group Manager, City Works & Services: Mr Wayne Cone

    Group Manager, Finance & Administration: Mr Graeme Tolhurst

    Group Manager, Service Planning & Regulation: Mr Bernard Mortomore

    Public Officer: Mr Graeme Tolhurst

    Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers (Newcastle)

    Manly Council

    PO Box 82, MANLY NSW 1655

    Council Chambers, 1 Belgrave Street, Manly NSW 2095

    Phone: 02 9976 1500 Fax: 02 9976 1400 DX: 9205 Manly



    Area (sq Km): 14 Population: 41925 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 1st & 2nd Monday 07:30PM

    ABN: 43 662 868 065


    Mayor: Clr Jean Hay (popularly elected)

    Deputy: Clr Alan Le Surf

    Clr Barbara Aird, Clr Candy Bingham, Clr Hugh Burns, Clr Cathy Griffin, Clr James Griffin, Clr Adele Heasman, Clr Steve Pickering


    General Manager: Mr Henry Wong

    Chief Financial Officer: Ms Jenny Nascimento

    Deputy General Manager, Land Use Sustainability: Mr Stephen Clements

    Deputy General Manager, Major Projects: Mr Ross Fleming

    Public Officer: Ms Kathryn Parker

    Auditors: Spencer Steer & Associates

    Marrickville Council

    PO Box 14, PETERSHAM NSW 2049

    Administrative Centre, 2 Fisher Street, Petersham NSW 2049

    Phone: 02 9335 2222 Fax: 02 9335 2029 DX: 3910 Annandale



    Area (sq Km): 17 Population: 79215 Wards: 4

    Meetings: 1st 2nd Tues, 6:00pm, 3rd 6.30

    ABN: 52 659 768 527


    Mayor: Clr Jo Haylen

    Deputy: Clr Rosana Tyler

    Clr Melissa Brooks, Clr Sylvie Ellsmore, Clr Mark Gardiner, Clr Morris Hanna, Clr Sam Iskandar, Clr David Leary, Clr Victor Macri, Clr Max Phillips, Clr Emanuel Tsardoulias, Clr Chris Woods


    General Manager: Mr Brian Barrett

    Director, Community Services: Ms Simone Schwarz

    Director, Infrastructure Services: Mr Neil Strickland

    Director, Planning & Environmental Services: Mr Tim Moore

    Manager Governance and Risk: Ms Monique Dunlop

    Public Officer: Ms Monique Dunlop

    Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers (Sydney)

    Mid-Western Regional Council

    PO Box 156, MUDGEE NSW 2850

    86 Market Street, Mudgee NSW 2850

    Phone: 02 6378 2850 Fax: 02 6378 2815



    Area (sq Km): 8758 Population: 22860 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 1st Wed 5:30PM 3rd Wed 5:30PM

    ABN: 96 149 391 332


    Mayor: Clr Des Kennedy

    Deputy: Clr Paul Cavalier

    Clr Esme E Martens, Clr Peter A Shelley, Clr Percy Thompson, Clr Max Walker, Clr John Weatherley, Clr John R Webb, Clr Lucy White


    General Manager: Mr Brad Cam

    Acting Director Mid-Western Operations: Mr Daryl Colwell

    Director Development & Community Services: Mrs Catherine Van Laeren

    Director Finance & Administration: Mr Brett Exelby

    Public Officer: Mr Ian Roberts

    Auditors: Alan Morse & Co (Orange)

    Moree Plains Shire Council

    PO Box 420, MOREE NSW 2400

    Level 2, 30 Heber Street, Moree NSW 2400

    Phone: 02 6757 3222 Fax: 02 6752 3934



    Area (sq Km): 17929 Population: 14425 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 1st & 3rd Thurs each month 4pm

    ABN: 46 566 790 582


    Mayor: Clr Katrina Humphries

    Deputy: Clr Sue Price

    Clr Rodney Brazel, Clr Mick Cikota, Clr Claudia Gall, Clr Brendan Munn, Clr John Tramby, Clr Theo Tzannes, Clr James Von Drehnen


    General Manager: Mr David Aber

    Director, Engineering Services: Mr Ian Dinham

    Director, Planning and Development: Mr Lester Rodgers

    Manager, Water and Waste: Mr David L Wolfenden

    Public Officer: Ms Adriana Pippos

    Auditors: Morse Group (Dubbo)

    Mosman Municipal Council

    PO Box 211, SPIT JUNCTION NSW 2088

    1 Mosman Square, Mosman NSW 2088

    Phone: 02 9978 4000 Fax: 02 9978 4132 DX: 9301 Mosman



    Area (sq Km): 9 Population: 29232 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 1st Tuesday 07:00PM

    ABN: 94 414 022 939


    Mayor: Clr Peter Abelson (popularly elected)

    Deputy: Clr Roy Bendall

    Clr Carolyn Corrigan, Clr Simon Menzies, Clr Libby Moline, Clr Tom Sherlock, Clr Peter White


    General Manager: Ms Veronica Lee

    Director, Community Development: Ms Diane Lawrence

    Director, Corporate Services: Mr Max Glyde

    Director, Environment and Planning: Mr John Carmichael

    Public Officer: Mr Max Glyde

    Auditors: Spencer Steer & Associates

    Murray Shire Council

    PO Box 21, MATHOURA NSW 2710

    21-25 Conargo Street, Mathoura NSW 2710

    Phone: 03 5884 3302 Fax: 03 5884 3417



    Area (sq Km): 4344 Population: 7319 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 1st & 3rd Tuesday 1:00PM

    ABN: 77 334 235 304


    Mayor: Clr Thomas Weyrich

    Deputy: Clr John Pocklington

    Clr Bill Anderson, Clr Chris Bilkey, Clr Gavin Burke, Clr Gen Campbell, Clr Geoff Mackenzie, Clr Ian Moon, Clr Betty M Murphy


    General Manager: Ms Margot Stork

    Director of Corporate Services: Mr Phil Higgins

    Director of Engineering Services: Mr Leigh Robins

    Director of Environmental Services: Mr Simon Arkinstall

    Public Officer: Mr Phil Higgins

    Auditors: Auswild & Co

    Murrumbidgee Shire Council


    21 Carrington Street, Darlington Point NSW 2706

    Phone: 02 6968 4166 Fax: 02 6968 4252



    Area (sq Km): 3507 Population: 2557 Wards: 2

    Meetings: 4th Tuesday each month 5.30PM

    ABN: 61 072 078 726


    Mayor: Clr Phillip Wells

    Deputy: Clr Austin Evans

    Clr Robert Black, Clr Christine Chirgwin, Clr Robert Curphey, Clr Gavin Gilbert


    General Manager: Mr Mathew Glover

    Director of Environmental Services: Mr Douglas Burke

    Director Technical Services: Mr Joseph Bianchini

    Manager, Finance & Administration: Mrs Sue Mitchell

    Public Officer: Mrs Sue Mitchell

    Auditors: Auswild & Co

    Muswellbrook Shire Council

    PO Box 122, MUSWELLBROOK NSW 2333

    Administration Centre, Maitland Street, Muswellbrook NSW 2333

    Phone: 02 6549 3700 Fax: 02 6549 3701



    Area (sq Km): 3407 Population: 16676 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 2nd Monday 06:00PM

    ABN: 86 864 180 944


    Mayor: Clr Martin Rush

    Deputy: Clr Malcolm R Ogg

    Clr Ray Butchard, Clr Jennifer A Lecky, Clr Graeme McNeill, Clr Christine Phelps, Clr Karen Portolan, Clr Janelle Risby, Clr Rod Scholes, Clr Gary J Serhan, Clr Stephen Ward, Clr Brett N Woodruff


    General Manager: Mr Steve McDonald

    Director Environmental Services: Mr Glenn Bunny

    Director, Community Infrastructure: Mr Neil Pope

    Director, Corporate and Community Services: Mr Russell Esdaile

    Finance Manager: Mr Grant O'Leary

    Public Officer: Mr Russell Esdaile

    Auditors: Spencer Steer & Associates

    Nambucca Shire Council

    PO Box 177, MACKSVILLE NSW 2447

    44 Princess Street, Macksville NSW 2447

    Phone: 02 6568 2555 Fax: 02 6568 2201



    Area (sq Km): 1493 Population: 19369 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 1st & 3rd Thursday 5:30PM

    ABN: 71 323 535 981


    Mayor: Clr Rhonda Hoban (popularly elected)

    Deputy: Clr John Ainsworth

    Clr Martin Ballangarry OAM, Clr Brian Finlayson, Clr Paula Flack, Clr Kim Macdonald, Clr Bob Morrison, Clr Anne Smyth, Clr Elaine South


    General Manager: Mr Michael Coulter

    Director, Engineering Services: Mr Paul Gallagher

    Director, Environment and Planning: Mr Greg Meyers

    Public Officer: Mr Michael Coulter

    Auditors: Forsyths (Armidale)

    Narrabri Shire Council

    PO Box 261, NARRABRI NSW 2390

    46-48 Maitland Street, Narrabri NSW 2390

    Phone: 02 6799 6866 Fax: 02 6799 6888



    Area (sq Km): 13028 Population: 13741 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 3rd Tuesday 09:30AM

    ABN: 95 717 801 656


    Mayor: Clr Conrad Bolton

    Deputy: Clr Cathy Redding

    Clr Maxine Booby, Clr Catherine Collyer, Clr Robyn Faber, Clr Lloyd Finlay, Clr Ken Flower, Clr Les Knox, Clr Ron Lowder, Clr Bevan O'Regan, Clr John Tough


    General Manager: Ms Diane Hood

    Director, Corporate Services: Mr Paul Wearne

    Director, Engineering Services: Mr Lewis Oldfield

    Public Officer: Mr Paul Wearne

    Auditors: Spencer Steer & Associates

    Narrandera Shire Council

    141 East Street, NARRANDERA NSW 2700

    141 East Street, Narrandera NSW 2700

    Phone: 02 6959 5510 Fax: 02 6959 1884



    Area (sq Km): 4117 Population: 6280 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 3rd Tuesday 05:00PM

    ABN: 96 547 765 569


    Mayor: Clr Jenny Clarke

    Deputy: Clr James Howard

    Clr Graham Eipper, Clr Wesley Hall, Clr Neville Kschenka, Clr Jason Lee, Clr Barry Mayne, Clr Kevin Morris, Clr John Sullivan


    General Manager: Mrs Judy Charlton

    Acting Director, Technical Services: Mr Ian Draper

    Director, Corporate Services: Mr Martin Hiscox

    Public Officer: Mr Martin Hiscox

    Auditors: Auswild & Co

    Narromine Shire Council

    PO Box 115, , NARROMINE NSW 2821

    124 Dandaloo Street, , Narromine NSW 2821

    Phone: 02 6889 9999 Fax: 02 6889 9998



    Area (sq Km): 5264 Population: 6841 Wards: 0

    Meetings: 2nd Wednesday 04:00PM

    ABN: 99 352 328 405


    Mayor: Clr William McAnally

    Deputy: Clr Sue McCutcheon

    Clr Ruth Carney, Clr Dawn Collins, Clr Craig Davies, Clr Tony Ellis, Clr Leslie E Lambert, Clr George Mack, Clr Ivan Truscott


    General Manager: Mr Greg Lamont

    Director Corporate & Community Services: Mrs Vas Roberts

    Director Engineering Services: Mrs Kerrie Murphy

    Director Finance & Corporate Strategy: Mrs Yvonne Clarke

    Director Planning & Environmental Services: Mr Chris Brook

    Human Resources Manager: Mrs Belinda Hollingworth

    Public Officer: Mrs Vas Roberts

    Auditors: Hill Rogers Spencer Steer

    Newcastle City Council

    PO Box 489, NEWCASTLE NSW 2300

    282 King Street, Newcastle NSW 2300

    Phone: 02 4974 2000 Fax: 02 4974 2222



    Area (sq Km): 187 Population: 156112 Wards: 4

    Meetings: Weekly on a Tuesday - 05:30PM

    ABN: 25 242 068 129


    Lord Mayor: Clr Jeff McCloy (popularly elected)

    Deputy: Clr Brad Luke

    Clr David Compton, Clr Tim Crakanthorp, Clr Therese Doyle, Clr Jason Dunn, Clr Nuatali Nelmes, Clr Michael Osborne, Clr Stephanie Posniak, Clr Allan Robinson, Clr Andrea Rufo, Clr Lisa Tierney, Clr Sharon Waterhouse


    General Manager: Mr Kenneth Gouldthorp

    Director, City Assets: Mr Steve Edmonds

    Director, City Engagement: Mr Martin Coates

    Director, Future City: Ms Judy Jaeger

    Director, Liveable City: Mr Frank Cordingley

    Public Officer: Mr Martin Coates

    Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers (Newcastle)

    North Sydney Council

    PO Box 12, NORTH SYDNEY NSW 2059

    200 Miller Street, North Sydney NSW 2060

    Phone: 02 9936 8100 Fax: 02 9936 8177 DX: 10587 North Sydney



    Area (sq Km): 11 Population: 64795 Wards: 4

    Meetings: 4 week cycle Phone: 9936 8100

    ABN: 32 353 260 317


    Mayor: Clr Jilly Gibson (popularly elected)

    Deputy: Clr Stephen Barbour

    Clr Zoe Baker, Clr Maryann Beregi, Clr Virginia Bevan, Clr Sarah Burke, Clr Tony Carr, Clr Melissa Clare, Clr Veronique Marchandeau, Clr Jeff Morris, Clr Michel Reymond


    General Manager: Mr Warwick Winn

    Director, Corporate Services: Mr Ross McCreanor

    Director, Engineering and Property Services: Mr Duncan Mitchell

    Director, Library and Community Services: Mr Martin Ellis

    Director, Open Space and Environmental Services: Mr Robert Emerson

    Public Officer: Mr Ross McCreanor

    Auditors: Spencer Steer & Associates

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