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Public Inquiries

A key role of the Division of Local Government is to ensure that councils are efficient and sustainable and deliver quality services to their communities.

If serious breakdowns occur in council operations, the Local Government Act 1993 provides two significant intervention mechanisms—section 430 investigations and section 740 public inquiries.

Under section 430, the Chief Executive, Local Government has the power to carry out investigations into council operations. This power is generally only used if the consequences of a council’s conduct are having a serious impact on the local community.

Under section 740, the Minister for Local Government has the power to appoint a commissioner to conduct a public inquiry into a council. This is a necessary step before a council can be dismissed. The Minister may order a section 740 inquiry at any time or as a result of a recommendation in a section 430 investigation.

Public inquiries are essential if a council becomes dysfunctional or inoperable through maladministration, corruption or some other reason. After the inquiry process, the Minister may appoint an administrator.

Public Inquiries into NSW Local Government

Current Inquiries

Past Inquiries

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